Pro Deck Facts

Fact 1:

Pro Deck was founded in 1973. We build completely custom projects designed specifically to fit your needs. Our award winning designs add curb appeal and a distinctive flair to your home. Our tried and true construction methods have evolved over 35 years as a benchmark of quality. Pro Deck can build a custom wood, composite or resin project to suit your family's needs and provide an attractive entertainment area for your friends and guests. We specialize in custom decks, multi- level decks screened rooms and spa decks. With pro deck being fully licensed bonded and insured as well as giving you a lifetime warranty, we give you peace of mind and can build projects year around.

Fact 2:

The construction industry has changed dramatically over the last 35 years. Technology has smiled favorably with new products in all facets of residential building. In our opinion it started with the advent of pressure treated lumber developed during world war two. Before then it was unthinkable to build a wood structure that would with stand the elements without constant maintenance of painting or staining, and then it was just a matter of time before all was lost. Imagine developing a wood that could be actually buried and never rot! this product remained dormant and available as a side line at most lumber yards for decades. It was in the 70's when contractors looked for an alternative to labor intensive block and concrete foundations in our northern states. Builders in the Dakotas and Wisconsin shifted their focus to pressure treated foundations, buried as deep as concrete foundations on several trial homes. After 5 years the foundations were uncovered and amazingly, there was no damage. This meant they could build in harsh winter conditions almost year round and avoid the problems of waiting for spring weather to pour a concrete foundation. As a side benefit, the lumber was southern yellow pine, a renewable resource!

Fact 3:

Pro Deck uses only southern yellow pine exclusively because of it's durability and hardness factor over northern or softer pines, for all our framing. The Southern Yellow Pine is used for support posts and all beams and joists. This material along with our heavy duty fasteners provide you with a super-structure that is second to none as far as strength and load bearing capacity. Whether it's a hot tub installation or a screened room with a true cathedral ceiling, or a composite that weighs a lot more than wood, you can be sure the experience and workmanship put into your project's super-structure, will more than carry the load! and by the way, we frame on a 6x6 post for all our projects . Of course while a 4x4 is code approved, we feel they are better suited for stairways and landings. You can always spot a Pro Deck by the sturdy looking frame.!

Fact 4:

Pro Deck has evolved with the deck industry over the last 35 years and has always embraced new technology that make our projects trouble free, with little or no maintenance. Whether it's a wood, composite, or resin project, you can trust our experience and pride in workmanship to improve your home and exceed your expectations. Our through research and testing of new materials insures you a quality project that will last a lifetime.

Fact 5:

Our construction skills are without rival. The particular attention we pay to details like fit and finish are honed from the experience of building literally hundreds of installations. It's always a pleasure for our crews to start a new job and watch the expression and excitement of the home owner through every phase of the project. The pride shown on their faces is contagious to say the least.

Fact 6:

Pro Deck's crews offer the finest in craftsmanship by combining old world skills with new power tool technology. We regularly attend various seminars held by manufacturers showing the latest in product development. This sharpens our skills and assures that every cut made on the job site is the best it can be. Three basic industry terms are plumb, level and square. By adhering to this simple credo and adding our commitment to detail, along with the finest in materials and heavy duty hardware, our crews create a masterpiece that is pleasing to the eye from near or far. Many of your guests will marvel at our workmanship the very first time they walk on your deck and it will be a conversation piece for a lifetime!